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The first day of your menses, (your period) is always labeled as Day 1 of the cycle.
For a “normal” 28-day cycle, most people ovulate about day 14 so, timed intercourse is indicated every other day approximately Day 10-18

Please call and check with your insurance company!

Missed/Late Period: Do a home pregnancy test and call the office

Medications: If Clomid is ordered it is to be taken on Days 3-7 of your menstrual cycle (with day #1 being start of period), unless you are told otherwise.

Tests and procedures your physician may order:

Ultrasounds: An ultrasound is ordered to check for any follicles which may lead to ovulation. We will do the ultrasound in our office on Day 12-14. If the need for this procedure is indicated by your doctor then you will need to call as early in your cycle as you can to be added to the schedule.

Labs: On Day 21 -23, a blood test will need to be done. A serum Progesterone is done to see if you ovulated that month.

If you are on Clomid, a serum progesterone result should be greater than 10. Call for results prior to refill of Clomid in case of dosage change.

Labs for Spouse: If a semen analysis on your husband is indicated this can be done at Bluegrass Infertility Center: 859-260-1515. (You will need to call either of these locations and get information and set up an appointment. They will give you all the information you will need.)

LH Kits/Ovulation Kits – These are kits, to help document if you are ovulating or not which can be purchased over the counter at any pharmaceutical store. It may be suggested to purchase one of these. Read directions for the specific test, then when positive results are noted this is an indication that you will probably ovulate in 24-36 hrs.

X-Ray Procedure: HSG – Hysterosalpingogram - This is a test where dye is put through the uterus and tubes to make sure they are not blocked. The physician does the test in the X-Ray Dept. Prior to scheduling the procedure you need to call your insurance company to check your coverage. Some insurance companies do not offer coverage for infertility procedures. The Diagnosis Code we usually use is V71.9 (“testing prior to infertility diagnosis”)

For a HSG to be arranged call the office Day 1 of your period to schedule the HSG for Day 6-12 of your cycle and leave a message for your MD’s nurse.

We also recommend that you take 800 mg Ibuprophen 1 hour prior to the procedure. Your physician may also order an antibiotic.

Notify the office if you are taking Glucophage or generic Metformin. You will need to stop this medication prior to the procedure.