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Obstetrical Services Lexington, ky

  • OB Ultrasounds and Non Stress Testing In office
  • Preconception Counseling
    • If you are thinking about trying to conceive we recommend you scheduling a visit with a provider approximately three months before.
  • Milestone Visits
    • Confirm: 1st visit with the pregnancy, This visit is used to establish care with our practice
    • Screener: This will be a long visit as it is usually paired with an U/S to confirm dates. After the Ultrasound you will meet with the midwife to go over your history and the services/testing offered to you during your pregnancy.
    • Anatomy Scan: This visit is done at around 20 weeks. This ultrasound will check the growth and anatomy of your baby. The tech will usually be able to tell you the gender of your baby at this time!
  • High Risk OB Surveillance
  • Trial Of Labor After Cesarean Section
    • With the benefits of 24/7 Anesthesia at The Women’s Hospital we are able to offer our patients who have previously had a c-section the option to try for a vaginal delivery. Please ask your provider if this is an option for you.
  • Postpartum Depression and Perinatal Loss Education/Support

Medications Safe to take during pregnancy:

Before 12 weeks:

• Antacids such as Tums or Rolaids
• Anusol HC
• Cepacol
• Chloraseptic Spray
• Dramamine
• Emetrol
• Halls
• Preperation H
• Robitussin
• Stool Softners such as Fibercon, Dialose Plus, or Colace
• Sucrets
• Tucks Pads
• Tylenol (Regular or Extra Strength)
• Unisom
• Vitamin B6
• Witch Hazel

After 12 weeks:

• Tylenol/Advil Cold- After 12 weeks
• Monistat 7 Cream- After 12 weeks
• Motrin (12-32 weeks)
• Mucinex (after 12 weeks)
• Sudafed (after 12 weeks)
• Over the Counter Meds (after 12 weeks)